Dayna Zielke

Dayna Zielke

Dayna began practicing yoga in 2014 to supplement her avid ballet dancing, and immediately fell in love. She was drawn to the balance of gentleness, athleticism, and grace and incorporates this into her own practice and teaching. It was at Whole Yoga in 2018 that she became a yoga teacher and realized how powerful of a tool that yoga truly is – for the mind, body, and spirit. Dayna aims to share this life-changing practice with others by teaching her students to work with their bodies in a gentle way to harness their inner strength. Given her background as a dancer and her degree in biology, the human body has always fascinated Dayna, so practicing and teaching yoga easily became one of her greatest passions! Outside of yoga, Dayna loves discovering new ways to move and enjoys dancing, gaming, and learning new skills.

Dayna's Class Schedule​​

Nothing from Tuesday, 18 June 2024 to Thursday, 18 July 2024.

To Register for Dayna’s classes, donate through PayPal or Venmo (listed below).

  • For single or multiple drop-in class(es) include: Your name, email, class date(s) in notes.
  • For unlimited monthly classes include: Your name, email and name of month(s) in the notes.
  • PayPal:
  • Venmo: @Dayna-Zielke

During this unprecedented time in our world, I aim to offer my classes at an affordable yet sustainable rate. If you do not have the means to pay right now, send me an email ( and I’m happy to work something out.  I want my classes to be accessible to anybody who wishes to join! All classes held via Zoom until further notice. 

  • Single class drop-in: $10 minimum donation
  • Unlimited 1-month: $60 minimum donation
  • Unlimited 3-month: $150 minimum donation

Drop-ins: Please submit donation at least 30 minutes before class to allow me enough time to send you the Zoom link.

Unlimited options: The day you submit your donation will be considered the start of your 1-month or 3-month cycle. For example, if you submit donation on January 5th, you will have unlimited classes through February 5th. This includes access to my library of pre-recorded classes. If you sign up for either Unlimited 1-month or 3-month, I will send you all of the Zoom links at once so you may put them in your calendar.

If you are a new student to me, please email me with “New Student” in the subject line to receive your free introductory class.

Please email Dayna at with questions or comments.