Class Descriptions

The Denver Yoga Co-op instructors operate independently of one another and offer their own classes and pricing. One convenient website brings you a wide range of classes, styles and yoga instruction. Go to any individual instructor’s page for details regarding their pricing and how to register for their classes. Note that all classes are currently being taught via Zoom unless otherwise noted.

Breathwork & Meditation with Heart – Realign, calm and focus with the art of pranayama breath work and mindfulness meditation. All levels are welcome.

Hannah leads you in this 45 min. class incorporating:
 •  Breathwork to cleanse and open up your energy channels
 •  Meaningful excerpts from literature to enrich your heart and mind
 •  Meditation to guide you to be with your direct experience with more kindness and self compassion

These subtle yet powerful practices are designed to gather your spirit, heart and mind into truer alignment and allow more space for peace, calm and focus.

Gentle YogaKaryn gives precise and clear instruction for this well-rounded, accessible morning practice. Even though a gentler style of yoga, this class is still a good workout and will leave your body feeling happy!

Outdoor Yoga in City Park (weather permitting) Intrepid yoga folk enjoy this invigorating hatha yoga class. Weather permitting (above 30-degrees and sunny), we meet on the large south plaza of the Museum in City Park. It’s a hoot! Class size is limited to five students, masks on and socially distanced.

Hatha YogaKaryn has offered this landmark class since June 2000.  For many students, this class has become the weekly touchstone for their personal practice.  She welcomes you to join this Tuesday night community.

Meditation Class – In the first 15 minutes of class, Karyn offers a variety of techniques and tools to enhance your ongoing meditation practices as well as guidance for beginners.  In the last half of class, we sit in silent meditation.  This class combined with the yoga class preceding it have become a staple in people’s lives over the last twenty years. 

Your Core Yoga – This 30 minute intro to core strengthening will work to awaken your body as you safely challenge yourself by building balance, strength, and flexibility. We will create a sense of connection that leaves you feeling spacious and ready to face your day.

Core Strengthening YogaAwaken your body as you safely challenge yourself by building balance, strength, and flexibility.  As the thread that connects mind and body, breath is the foundation of yoga.  Combine mindful movements with intentional breath work as you explore the balance between effort and ease.  A slow to moderate pace allows you to become familiar with your body, bringing awareness to your breath, and pausing to go inward. Create a sense of connection that leaves you feeling spacious and ready to face your day.

Hatha Flow Learn how to move with ease between poses in a “Vinyasa”, which means poses arranged in a special sequence.  Here you will learn safe transitions as well as proper alignment and breathing patterns moving from pose to pose.  Some students love the pacing of this class and keep coming back while others use this class as a spring board into Vinyasa and Power Vinyasa Classes.

Yin Yoga – The three main principles of yin yoga are: hold the pose for time, find the appropriate depth/stretch, and move into stillness. It is a cooling practice that stimulates and targets connective tissue by gently stretching in a posture through longer holds (between one to 10 minutes). With emphasis on ligaments, tendons, and fascia, rather than muscles, yin encourages a different sort of opening than more active and heating yoga practices. It is a practice of surrender, self care and builds self awareness in body and mind. 

Hatha YogaThis is an all-levels class that integrates meditation, breath-work and a sequence of poses that are designed to increase strength and promote flexibility.

Restorative YogaUnwind with an all-levels class designed to leave you feeling calm and relaxed. This class begins with a gentle, slow flow to warm up the body, then moves you through a series of longer restorative poses. All you need are a couple of pillows!