Hannah Moon

Hannah Moon

Hannah Moon’s journey of yoga and meditation came about when her inner struggles became too dominant of a force in her life. Hesitant to try yoga because she was more of a kickboxer wanting to punch things, she gave it a shot in 2009, and to her surprise, fell deeply in love. The gentle, subtle, yet incredibly profound communication she experienced through her body and mind became the doorway towards her freedom and her transformation. In 2018, she became a certified yoga teacher through Shambhava Yoga School in Denver and then in 2020 she became a certified mindfulness and meditation teacher with The Interdependence Project, back in her old hometown in New York City.

She teaches meditation and yoga regularly in meditation communities and with her private clients. Through online courses, workshops as well as live online meditations she offers weekly, she is passionate about sharing her practice, teaching the tools of mindfulness and contemplative practices like loving kindness, self compassion and self acceptance, to help guide others toward their own personal freedom. But ultimately, she remains a student of life more than anything else. She currently lives in NJ with her husband, son and dog and also enjoys art making.

Hannah's Class Schedule​

Nothing from Tuesday, 18 June 2024 to Thursday, 18 July 2024.

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My email: hannah@soulintraining.com

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