Tessa Frederick

(Tessa is currently on hiatus while healing from an injury. Stay tuned for her return!)

Tessa Frederick

Tessa has been practicing various types of yoga since 2005 and received her Shambhava Yoga Certification in December of 2011. During her teacher training, Tessa developed a newfound desire to lead a life devoted to physical fitness and overall well-being, and she believes that yoga should be used to holistically improve mental, spiritual and physical health. Her classes emphasize creating a strong inner-awareness that students can apply on and off their mats. She enjoys taking a light-hearted but focused approach in class. Tessa is passionate about helping the community and promoting social justice and equality, and believes that yoga is an excellent tool for doing so.

Tessa's Class Calendar

Nothing from Monday, 22 July 2024 to Thursday, 22 August 2024.

To Register for Tessa’s classes, pay through PayPal or Venmo (listed below).

  • For a single drop-in class include: Your name, email, class date and time in notes.
  • For multiple drop-in classes include: Your name and email and the number of classes in notes.
  • PayPal: paypal.me/daanayogawithtessa
  • Venmo: @DaanaYogaWithTessa  (last 4 phone digits 1288)

All classes are $10.

Daana is the Sanskrit word for giving or charity. As such, $5 of every class payment will be donated to various social justice organizations and charities. Every month, I will be highlighting a different organization that does invaluable work to support our community. 

If you would like to purchase a single class, please include your name, email, and the class date and time in the payment notes section.

Example: Your Name, youremail@email.com, class date and time

If you would like to purchase multiple drop-in classes, please note how many classes in the notes section. Then, when you are ready to use one of your classes, please send an email to  DaanaYogaWithTessa@gmail.com at least one hour prior to the class you wish to attend.

Example: Your Name, youremail@email.com, 5 drop-in classes

If you are a new student to me, please email me with “New Student” in the subject line to receive your free introductory class.

Please email Tessa at DaanaYogaWithTessa@gmail.com with questions or comments.

(Tessa is currently on hiatus while healing from an injury. Stay tuned for her return!)